The Guilt-free Kitchen: Indulgent recipes without wheat, dairy or refined sugar (Hardcover)

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Delicious recipes that provide easy ways to swap unhealthy ingredients for nourishing alternatives, without having to compromise on flavour and enjoyment.

This cookbook is not about denial; its approach to cooking and eating simply swaps ingredients such as refined sugar, wheat and dairy for natural and healthier alternatives that achieve the same indulgence without the negative health impacts and connotations associated with certain ingredients. These easy swaps make healthy eating both simple and delicious. Recipes range from simple sharing plates to ‘Foods from Afar’ such as Massaman Curry, and Smoked Mackerel Sushi Rolls. There are ‘Light & Fresh’ dishes such as Polenta Pizza, as well as ‘Comfort Food’ recipes including Wild Mushroom & Leek Risotto and Lasagna. With ideas for everything from brunch, such as New York Avocado Toast, to ‘Sweet Treats’ like Cheesecake with Sweet Cherries, Jordan and Jessica Bourke combine their expertise as a chef and nutritional therapist to prove that you can have your cake and eat it.

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