The Closet: The true story of an LGBTQ+ teen growing up gay in the nineties and finding yourself through fashion (Hardcover)

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Throughout his life, clothes have provided an outlet through which journalist Teo van den Broeke understands both himself and the world around him.

From the blue princess dress he coveted as a child, that first led him to question whether he was ‘normal’, through to the Nike cap and Gucci loafers he wore to impress the men he first desired, fabric has long enveloped and shaped his formative moments.

Using the wardrobe of his past as a lens through which to explore the myriad trials and tribulations of adolescence, The Closet charts Teo’s growth from uncertainty to self-acceptance. Courageously recounting his sexual awakening, the all too familiar hesitancy around his adult future – and his many, often tumultuous, relationships with family and friends – Teo learns that it is only in celebrating our differences that we can learn to fully embrace the brilliance within ourselves.

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