Tastes of North Africa: Mouthwatering Recipes from Morocco and the Mediterranean (Paperback)

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The tastes of North Africa represent one of the world's most exotic and tantalising cuisines. Having assimilated the influences of many regional cuisines, they encapsulate a rich cultural infusion. When the Moors conquered the lands around the Mediterranean over a thousand years ago, they brought with them foods that were to fashion western cooking for years to come. Spices from the caravan trade, rice from India, citrus fruit, aubergines, spinach and sugar cane were all introduced to Spain, Portugal, Sicily and Provence by the Arab invaders. In turn, when later expelled from their beloved Al-Andaluz, they took back to Morroco the culinary lessons the Iberian peninsula had taught them and maintained close links across the Gibraltar Straits, trading in tomatoes and peppers from Columbus' travels in the New World. Sarah Woodward is a fascinating guide to this culinary map, showing you how to combine vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts and spices and taste each dish as a delicious and intriguing slice of history.

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