Soul of the World: Book One of the Ascension Cycle by David Mealing (Paperback)

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AS THE FIRES OF REVOLUTION RAGE ...The city of New Sarresant simmers with discontent. Civil war looms as the Crown's authority is challenged by revolutionaries. Sarine, a young street artist, only cares about surviving - and staying one step ahead of the law. Yet her hidden powers will draw the attention of both royalists and rebels, and soon she will have to decide whose side she is really on. AND CHAOS SPREADS ACROSS A CONTINENT ...On the battlefields, General Erris d'Arrant must lead the armies of New Sarresant against its rivals in the south. Yet the enemy seems to know her plans before she even makes them. Erris needs to find out how, but the truth will be far darker than she could have imagined. THREE HEROES MUST RISE OR THE WORLD WILL FALL In the forests, Aruk'Jur wields an ancient magic that keeps his people safe. Yet the prophecies that have always guided his people have become corrupted, and war between the tribes seems inevitable - unless he can find a way to prevent bloodshed. With its gripping action scenes, vibrant characters and imaginative magic system, Soul of the World is epic fantasy at its very best - a stellar debut from a major new talent

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