Oren: A Personal Collection of Recipes and Stories From Tel Aviv (Hardcover)

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In Oren, Oded Oren celebrates Tel Aviv with simple, seasonal recipes which play tribute to every ingredient.

The modern cultural hub of the Middle East, Tel Aviv, provides a true East-meets-West juncture. The simplest way to describe the food is flavours of the Mediterranean mingled with accents of the Middle East.

From Tamworth pork chop with confit garlic and preserved lemon and monkfish with Libyan chraime sauce, to grilled butter beans with barrel aged feta and slow roast tomatoes, to cherries with green chillies, almonds and fresh herbs, Oded's food speaks of his journey as a chef as well as the constant inspiration that springs from his native Tel Aviv.

With stunning photography, this book is perfect for novice and keen cooks alike.

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