Broadcasting Britain: 100 Years of the BBC (Hardcover)

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Created 100 years ago, on 18 October 1922, the BBC transformed people's lives at the turn of a dial, bringing voices out of the ether and conjuring the magic community of radio. Now, our lives are inextricably linked to broadcasting. It is how we remember where we come from and who we are - from the Moon Landing to the 9/11 attacks, from Monty Python to EastEnders, from Live Aid to London 2012.

Head of BBC History Robert Seatter charts the story of a broadcaster and a nation, reflecting the story of all our lives across ten tumultuous decades. 
Broadcasting Britain: 100 years of the BBC is a vivid, thought-provoking and, most of all, entertaining celebration of a global cultural icon.

Discover the BBC's central role in reflecting our ever-changing world:

- Concise, essay-style text gets to the heart of each carefully chosen topic
- Organized chronologically year by year, decade by decade, for ease of reference
- "In this year..." timeline tracks significant events and BBC programmes
- Biography boxes on key broadcasters and writers
- Quotes from fans and broadcasters summarize chosen programmes' impact

In 2022, the BBC will be the first broadcaster globally to mark 100 years of continuous broadcasting, launching a special year of content: events, bespoke commissioning, special programmes, publishing, and much, much more, celebrating UK culture, education, and climate and sustainability. Created with exclusive access to the BBC's archives,
 Broadcasting Britain is a unique celebration of British culture, with authoritative text by an acknowledged expert in the field. Carefully curated stories reflect the story of the BBC in all its breadth and diversity, whilst tapping into public memory and the many ways that people have experienced the BBC as part of their own lives.

A must-have volume for adults aged 30+ interested in modern and social history and current affairs, alongside fans of classic BBC programming, both on radio and TV.

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