At Home With The Buckleys: Scummy stories and misadventures from modern family life (Hardcover)

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CLAIR: We've been let loose on a book... whose bright idea was that?

JAMES: We haven't got anything to say!

CLAIR: Don't tell them that before they buy it...

JAMES: They'll work it out eventually!

CLAIR: Well, we've managed to put together some bits and pieces that might be interesting - or at least funny/weird/silly.

JAMES: Probably not.

CLAIR: No... probably not. Though if you like the vlogs, you might like it?

JAMES: No one likes the vlogs.

CLAIR: True.

JAMES: Anyway, enjoy!

At Home with The Buckleys is one couple's take on the wild ride that is modern marriage, parenting and adulting. Told from both sides, Clair and James share a collection of hilarious stories and comedy excursions from their early lives, years of cult TV fame, having children and setting up their YouTube channel.

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