The Imperfect Nutritionist: 7 Principles of Healthy Eating (Hardcover)

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From boosting your energy levels to improving your gut health, immunity and sleep quality, Jennifer Medhurst's evidence-based approach to nutrition - distilled into 7 easy-to-follow principles - empowers you to decide what is best for your health while still giving you the freedom to eat the foods you enjoy.

Part One focuses on her 7 principles:

Focusing on wholefoods
Being diverse
Knowing your fats
Including fermented, prebiotic and probiotic foods
Reducing refined carbohydrates
Being aware of liquids
Eating mindfully

Part Two features 70 deliciously nourishing recipes that you will want to come back to time and again, all using ingredients available at any supermarket.

So instead of taking away from your diet, learn how easy it is to feel better, all while adding more to what you eat .

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