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What the Trump?!: A Sane Person's Guide to Surviving in the Age of Trump

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Through a series of playfully mindful exercises we will come to terms with the grief over this most shocking of election results. We will make no denials about Trump's presidency, we will sit with our anger, we will put a pin in our depression and we will embrace the next four years (please God only four!) with the open palms of acceptance. We shall over-comb. Therapeutic activities include: Get your brain working be creative. Invent a use for Mike Pence. A hat-stand perhaps? You could hang your slogan caps there? Forget about your worries - lull yourself off to sleep with a soothing fairy-tale about a dashing hero called Trumpunzel who unfurls his colossal comb-over to create a rope for Princess Melania to climb the mighty Trump Tower. Try to be positive there is only one Donald Trump and human cloning isn t really a thing yet. Discover your artistic side color in the White House orange."



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