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The Nation's Favourite Food by Neven Maguire (hardcover)

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Neven Maguire is Irelands most trusted chef. His recipes are made day in, day out by people up and down the country for one simple reason: they work. Now in his fantastic new cookbook, Neven has assembled his all-time top 100 recipes. These are Nevens all-stars -the fool-proof, tried and tested definitive versions of the dishes Ireland makes every day of the week. Each section contains 5 absolute classics, so you wont be overwhelmed by choice, but rather, you will be inspired to learn the recipes off-by-heart as you make them over and over again. If you learn just one dish from each section, you will have 20 perfected recipes in your repertoire and be well on your way to wowing in the kitchen. Destined to become a classic, The Nations Favourite Food will become the most hard-working thing in the kitchen so you dont have to be.



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