The Complete Guide to Suspended Fitness Training (Paperback)

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The Complete Guides series blends expert information and accessibility.

The Complete Guide to Suspended Fitness Training is a comprehensive resource packed with training advice on how suspended fitness equipment and suspension traning can be used to improve functional strength, stability, flexibility, and used in sports-specific training.

With over 100 different exercises, mobilisations and stretches to suit all abilities, this is an ideal guide for anyone interested in fitness and resistance training who wants to get the most out of suspended exercise equipment, for their own workouts or for client training programmes.

Includes information on:
- types of suspension training systems and attachments
- safety considerations
- beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises
- push, pull, squat, lunge and core exercises to train the whole body
- progressions and variations as well as common faults
- example training session plans

Suitable for beginners, fitness enthusiasts and professionals, this useful guide will help you make full use of your suspended training equipment and reach your fitness objectives.

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