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Teaching Creative Writing: Ideas, exercises, resources and lesson plans for teachers of creative-writing classes by Helen Stockton

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If you teach creative writing or facilitate a writing group, you will want to inspire, inform and encourage would-be writers. This book is a unique, practical resource offering guidance, ideas and exercises to help you do just that. It moves from planning and structuring courses to giving ideas and exercises on all the key aspects of creative writing, providing a wealth of really useful advice and tips. It will enable you to pass on your particular expertise and enthusiasm imaginatively and professionally to all your students. Guidance on teaching all the skills of creative writing. Ideas on lesson content, example exercises and setting homework. Support on dealing with problems and adapting for different abilities. Tips on group management and feedback. A - Z of specific genres with examples of learning activities. This book will ensure that your teaching will be effective, fun and immensely rewarding.



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