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Best Kept Secrets Of Italy

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Each year a flood of visitors come to this decadant, elegant country, to enjoy the pleasures of la dolce vita. Italy has drawn travellers in search of culture and romance for many centuries. From the northern snow-capped peaks of the Alps and the idyllic hilltop villages of the renowned central Tuscany and Umbria area, to the rugged southern shores of Sicily, lies a plethora of distinctive regions and people. From the sophisticated, vibrant cities to the simple elegance of the countryside, Italy's culture abounds. With Rome at its heart, as a united country, Italy is only a 150 years old which means that each region still has a strong cultural identity, resulting in a country of many different faces to delight returning visitors. An exuberance for life and its simple pleasures endears Italy to its visitors _ an appreciation of family, food, history and beauty are the core values at the heart of this popular country.

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