Saving Susie-Belle: Rescued from the horrors of a puppy farm, one dog's uplifting true story

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In the week before Christmas, a dog snoozed on a bed beside a log burner; warm, safe and contented with a belly full of food. But only a few months earlier, she had been huddled in the cold and filth of a Welsh puppy farm, shivering and starved, her belly empty of food but full of her latest litter of puppies. For six years, Susie Bell was trapped in a life of misery as a mere commodity: a puppy farm breeding bitch, tied up in the back of a putrid shed, never seeing the outside world and neglected to a horrific degree. She, and other unfortunate dogs like her, weren't even given a name. They were merely exploited to satisfy a demanding industry. Failure to produce enough puppies would have meant certain death. But for this little dog, peace came before death. She is one of the lucky ones - she was lifted out of the dark and grubby hidden nightmare that is puppy farming and brought into the safety of a new world. Now she shares a secure, stable home , experiencing nothing less than complete loving care. Where once she was a scabby, nameless creature, she now has a beautiful name - Susie Bell. For this miniature schnauzer, life these days is good. Never again will it be anything less for this gentle soul, who has suffered so much at the hands of humans. This is the story of Susie Bell, and her road to recovery.

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