Mr & Mrs Wilkinson's How it is at Home (Hardcover)

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Chef Matt Wilkinson and food entrepreneur Sharlee Gibb live busy professional lives but are keen to nurture their two boys' love of good, seasonal food and cooking.

Here the couple share the secrets to their tried-and-tested repertoire of healthy food that they prepare for and sometimes with their two boys, Finn and Jay. From delicious versions of One-pot wonders like Cauliflower pilaf, to Lunch recipes for Chicken noodle salad and flat prawn omelette, as well as easy weeknight dinners, this cookbook covers everything. And, in a nod to modern reality that family meals are a shared undertaking, it even has a few playful 'Dads away' favourites (Apricot Chicken; Tuna Bake) and likewise 'Mums away' (lamb, tripe, liver, something deep fried).

Realistic about the demands of work and family life, this cookbook offers more than 100 creative recipes for navigating every meal time, as well as inspiration for special occasions

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