Grains [Hardcover] [Feb 10, 2014] Molly Brown

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In Grains, Molly Brown provides an in-depth catalogue to the world of edible grains, seeds, cereals, pulses and legumes. Complete with beautiful food photography and illustrations, this stunning exploration of the world of grains offers a variety of delicious and healthy recipes. Try coconut porridge with fresh mango and passion fruit or buckwheat blinis with yoghurt and smoked salmon for a nutritious, energy-packed breakfast; Middle Eastern pilaf with tzatziki or spiced pork belly with dersa lentils, kamut and preserved lemon for a tasty dinner. Learn how to make a variety of seed and grain-based crackers and give your baking repertoire a boost with so-good-for-you banana cake or pear and eau de vie clafoutis. Molly's 'quick ideas' sections are dotted throughout offering more quick and easy recipes and suggestions for using and eating grains. Molly identifies and provides step-by-step directions to deal with even the most esoteric staple and shares her healthy and diverse recipes which cater for every occasion and appetite.

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