Gardeners' Question Time - Plant Chooser (Gardeners Question Time) [Paperback] [Feb 07, 2008] John Cushnie; Matthew Biggs and Bob Flowerdew

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Two million people tune in to Britain's best-loved gardening programme on BBC Radio 4 every week of the year, to hear a panel of experts - including Matthew Biggs, John Cushnie, Bob Flowerdew and Bunny Guinness - solve their gardening problems. Inspired by the programme's popular 'Plant of the Week' feature, 'Gardener's Question Time Plant Chooser' is the ultimate reference guide to achieving your garden's all-time best, all year round. The authors have chosen some 700 species, and many more varieties, representing plants that will flourish in temperate gardens of the northern hemisphere - flowers, fruits, vegetables, annuals, biennials, perennials, shrubs, trees and more - in all their diverse glory. With the same originality and humour that distinguish their inimitable broadcasting styles, the authors' voices shine through, making this not only an extremely approachable reference, but also a personal, opinionated exchange between Britain's favourite gardening experts.



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