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Fighting High: World War Two, Air Battle Europe, Vol.1 [Sep 01, 2009] Steve Darlow; Lowell Getz; Robin Brooks and Julian Evan-Hart

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Based on extensive interviews, first-hand accounts, original research, and archive sources Fighting High tells the story of those who took to the skies to oppose the Axis powers during World War Two. World War Two military aviation author Steve Darlow brings together twenty-one accounts of extreme bravery, heroism and sacrifice. The stories in Fighting High - World War Two - Air Battle Europe, Volume 1, span the entire war, from the early days of defending against the might of the Luftwaffe through to the exercising of Allied air superiority in the latter days of the conflict. Each story is told at a personal level, set within the context of the ferocious European air battle. In totality an exciting, vivid, graphic and moving account of what the airmen went through when they were 'Fighting High'.



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