Edgar Allan Poe's Puzzles From Beyond the Grave (Hardcover)

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In Edgar Allan Poe's Puzzles From Beyond the Grave, author Jason Ward re-imagines Poe's writings to create a challengingly fiendish - and occasionally frightening - series of riddles and puzzles which are sure to get the pulses racing of even the most hardened puzzle-solvers. As the great man said: "The true genius shudders at incompleteness." So make sure to complete these puzzles... or risk incurring the wrath of Edgar Allan Poe himself. Step into the Gothic world of Edgar Allan Poe and become part of his terrifying tales - just long enough to solve the riddles and conundrums found there. The acclaimed American writer, who is seen as the inventor of detective fiction, created some of the best-known and most-loved macabre stories and was an expert in the art of cryptography and mystery. Step into his world, if you dare!

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