Stats, Records & Rock 'N' Roll by Daniel Tatarsky

Stats, Records & Rock 'N' Roll by Daniel Tatarsky

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Welcome to Stats, Records & Rock 'n' Roll, an exploration of the aural beauty of music told through 80 visually stunning infographics - the most popular information medium of the 21st century. With extensive research sourced from all over the world, Stats, Records & Rock 'n' Roll can finally reveal the answers to the questions that have long intrigued many music fans: Where does the money from Number One records go? How do the sales figures of One Hit Wonders compare to their follow-up flop? And, most importantly, how many records does a music fan listen to during their lifetime? Covering all genres, this comprehensive and beautiful book has a plethora of facts and figures to keep every serious music fan awake at night with wonder. From classic bands to hot, new favourites - it's all here.

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