Geezers: Up Close and Personal: On Camp with the SAS (Hardcover)

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"They call themselves geezers, or at least some of them do. The older ones don't seem to like the name..." The SAS is staffed by the toughest and most resourceful soldiers in the world - only the cream of the crop will get through the rigorous training programme to achieve their status as 'badged', rightly deserving their famous motto 'Who Dares Wins'. But who are they really? Monica Lavers spent three years working at Hereford garrison in support services, giving her a ringside view of how the SAS live, work and play. Getting to know them as people first, rather than by their fearsome reputation, she offers a behind-the scenes look at life on camp that is by turns frank, funny and compassionate. This book tells the stories of the soldier's lives as they were told to her - full frontal (sometimes literally) and no holds barred.

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