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Her Ladyship's Guide to Modern Manners (National Trust History & Heritage)

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An essential guide to modern manners, this enlightening and useful book strikes a balance between the stuffy, rigid rules of the 1950s and today's anything-goes school of thought. It is packed with good-humoured advice for the way we live today, but also discusses which formal points of etiquette are still relevant in the 21st century. * Introduction: who needs manners? * A Few Basics: punctuality (and overstaying your welcome), saying sorry and when it's best to lie * Party People: invitations, playing host, being a good guest, meeting and greeting * What to Wear: avoiding the pitfalls of modern dress codes * Rites of Passage: christenings, weddings and funerals * Eating Out: from saying grace to understanding cutlery * Going to Stay: following house rules, helping out, not making yourself too much at home * Getting Around: the rules of public transport and how to avoid road rage * Communications: how to make a phonecall and write an email * A Good Day at the Office: how to conduct yourself at work

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