Modern South Asian Kitchen : Recipes And Stories Celebrating Culture And Community (Hardcover)

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Modern South Asian Kitchen is a fascinating collection of recipes, encompassing traditional family dishes passed down through generations to contemporary, eclectic recipes that reflect a collaboration between cultures and experiences.

We see the merging of Sabrina's professional career in modern European kitchens unite with her Punjabi heritage, culminating in 90 unique and stunning recipes that are comforting, playful and big on flavour. She pays homage to her mother's most iconic dishes along with personal tributes to dishes her grandmother made. She believes that flavour and enjoyment are imperative – and offers snacks and small plates for entertaining, quick and light meals for midweek meals and encourages the mixing and matching of recipes for feasting and friends – teaching us not to be fearful of our spice cupboard. In her words, she is ‘creating new traditions as well as honouring old’. From the Only Dal You’ll Ever Need and Cauliflower Cheese Parathas to Punjabi Panzanella and Black Cardamom Custard Tart, these are ingenious, considerately spiced recipes you won’t have seen before.

Along with a personal story of her journey, Sabrina also features conversations with eight of her 'sisters' from South Asian heritage, continuing the thread of connecting with your history whilst breaking cultural and culinary boundaries. Modern South Asian Kitchen is a thought-provoking testament to modern South Asian cuisine as well as a joyful celebration of how cooking food brings together communities, families and friends.

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