Bazaar: Vibrant vegetarian and plant-based recipes (Hardcover)

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Bazaar (noun): a market in the Middle East

Bazaar is a colourful, flavourful and satisfying celebration of vegetable dishes, designed to suit every occasion and every palate. The magic of this cookbook is that you won't feel like anything is missing, with dishes full of easy-to-achieve flavours and depth that would win over even the most die-hard carnivore.

Each recipe utilizes the abundance of varied flavour profiles of the East, from spices, herbs and perfumed aromatics to hearty staples such as grains and pulses, combined with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. You will find salads for all seasons, spectacular sides, bowl comfort, moreish mains and sweet treats.

Recipes include:
  • Grilled halloumi flatbreads with preserved lemon and barberry salsa
  • Roasted tomato and chilli soup with herb-fried croutons
  • Roast vegetable bastille
  • Grilled tofu salad with tamarind and miso dressing
  • Potato, ricotta and herb dumplings with walnuts and pul biber butter
  • Feta, pul biber and oregano macaroni bake
  • Courgette, orange and almond cake with sweet yogurt frosting

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